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As you may know, we live in a culture which promotes a love/hate relationship with food, with our bodies and ultimately with ourselves. Therefore, we are left feeling out of control with our eating and with our lives. Joyce Sarat White, licensed professional counselor and founder of Weighty Issues, helps clients explore information, challenge beliefs and encourages the reframing of one's relationship to food, to their bodies and to themselves. Click here for a more complete description of Weighty Issues.

This blog will provide you with the opportunity to receive support and education. The information is meant to complement, not substitute for professional services. Thank you for visiting, I hope it will become habit forming!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Client's Story: Health and Happiness

Seeing Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Joyce White at WEIGHTY ISSUES was the single best decision that I’ve ever made to help understand and gain control over my life-long struggle with weight -- and related issues of stress, self-esteem & confidence.

Joyce is someone that I can easily and confidentially talk to about what I’m thinking and feeling, and how that relates to my relationship with food. She listens to me, and for one hour per week, I get to regroup and focus on my goals and needs, all with her gentle guidance. During our sessions at her comfortable office, all of the attention is devoted to me, as I work with her to sort out my feelings, overcome personal challenges & positively focus on achieving realistic life goals -- such as losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle that’s just right for me.

I would definitely recommend WEIGHTY ISSUES to other men & women in the same situation –- those who have tried every dieting technique under the sun but were ultimately left discouraged and more overweight than when they began. With Joyce’s help, I’ve learned how to no longer diet and restrict myself, but focus instead on a healthy relationship with food and understanding the key behaviors that lead me to make those healthy versus poor decisions. Our work together has helped me to put things into perspective while also adding some healthy accountability to my life.

Joyce helps me weekly to focus, get motivated, find hope & inspiration and to set small, accomplishable goals. I've definitely experienced real "Aha Moments" (Oprah) there, so seeing a professional that you are comfortable with to talk to about your life, worries, the future, strengths, goals and concerns just makes sense to me! At WEIGHTY ISSUES, I'm constantly learning about myself through discussion and recommended readings, analyzing my actions, discovering my true needs and desires --- all in an effort to help me answer: "How do I become the healthiest, happiest me possible?"


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!!

With over thirty years of experience in the field of counseling, teaching and weight, I have collected many poems. This poem exemplifies the work that I do with my clients. Please consider these thoughts as we once again start a new year. I RESOLVE:

This year I resolve to free myself.
No longer will I be a slave to, or hide in the shadow of my extra pounds. I will step out into the sunlight and be the person I am. I will hold my head proudly and high, for what I am is good.

Never again will I try to conceal myself in dismal black; wearing only baggy trousers, louse overblouses, and dresses without shape.
I will wear the colors that complement my hair and complexion...(yes, even red).
I will choose styles that appeal to me and not clothes to "make me look thinner."

I will strive to make the self I am the best self, the most healthy self, that it can be. If I have a milkshake and cheeseburger on a night out, use dressing on my salad or eat waffles without feeling quilty, I will also work to include more nutritious foods in my eating pattern.

This year I will do all those things that I have wanted to do, but told myself I couldn't because I was too fat.
I will ride the white horse on the merry-go-round, go roller-skating, eat a chocolate ice cream cone on the beach.
If people smile behind their hands, I will pity them for not knowing that a good mind and a loving and generous heart are more important than the size of one's body.

I will not wear a long sweater on warm days.
I will find a more becoming style for my hair.
I will cross the room in front of people without cringing.
Come summer, I will buy a new bathing suit without a skirt, and maybe even a jogging suit.


By Ainsley Marker