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As you may know, we live in a culture which promotes a love/hate relationship with food, with our bodies and ultimately with ourselves. Therefore, we are left feeling out of control with our eating and with our lives. Joyce Sarat White, licensed professional counselor and founder of Weighty Issues, helps clients explore information, challenge beliefs and encourages the reframing of one's relationship to food, to their bodies and to themselves. Click here for a more complete description of Weighty Issues.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wishing You a Diet-Free New Year!!

Why do we resolve year after year to diet when diets clearly are not working? Perhaps because we are bombarded by the media to think that diets work....But research shows that Diets do not work. For every diet there is an equal binge so the best way to gain weight is to go on a diet. The mere thought of saying "I resolve to diet" is enough to set us up for overeating.

There is an alternative. The NON-Diet approach is a way to cultivate healthy practices in our lives that enhance our overall well-being physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is about looking deeper and fostering self-understanding, self-care and compassion. It is about trusting ourselves, listening to ourselves and learning attuned/intuitive eating.

The following excerpt is from a previous client who graciously sent me this note about how our work together helped her feel more confident and more self-worth as she learned to go from dieting to NON-Dieting.

"I've been thinking for awhile about dropping you a line to tell you how well the results of the sessions I had with you are working in my life!

You helped me to make the connection between feelings and food. I know now to focus on my feelings when "I feel like eating" at other than meal times. I've discovered that tiredness and boredom are two of my triggers. I know a cat nap and beginning a new activity are the solutions....NEVER is food the answer. I have learned to express anger, sadness, and feelings of anxiety. First, by stating aloud to the other person the way I am feeling and then by saying what it is that I need. For too many years I stuffed down what are considered negative feelings just so I could appear to be the perfectly wonderful always happy, good girl!

As a result of our work, I, without dieting, lost 52 pounds. I have gained a great deal of confidence and a sense of self-worth. I manage to hover at a stable weight without being vigilant about food and eating. I have become vegetarian as a natural easing into what is an all around healthier life style. I generally don't focus on food. When I do, particularly, if it is around snacking or eating "healthy junk food," I check in with myself about what the thoughts behind the behavior really are. I am not perfect at this, but that's just fine...I don't want to be perfect at anything anymore!

People often ask me how "I lost the weight." Counting Points? Counting Carbs? Counting fat grams? Jenny Craig? Weight Watchers? I tell them, None of that." I went to counseling to find out WHY I was a compulsive overeater. I did it by NON-Dieting. I know when I came to you, I was so-o-o ready to be free of this compulsion. It was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I am thankful that you were there for me. I hope others find you too."

If you feel that you are tired of dieting and want an approach that can bring you a Joyful New Year.   If you want to make peace with food and weight, please call me at 846-9053.

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