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As you may know, we live in a culture which promotes a love/hate relationship with food, with our bodies and ultimately with ourselves. Therefore, we are left feeling out of control with our eating and with our lives. Joyce Sarat White, licensed professional counselor and founder of Weighty Issues, helps clients explore information, challenge beliefs and encourages the reframing of one's relationship to food, to their bodies and to themselves. Click here for a more complete description of Weighty Issues.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why Weight?

We want to be healthy and lose weight so why do we sabotage ourselves again and again? Part of the answer could be that our weight protects us.

1. Our weight protects us from unwanted attention from the opposite sex.
2. Our weight allows us to continue to eat chocolate etc.
3. Our weight keeps us from feeling our feelings.
4. Our weight helps us avoid compliments.
5. Our weight means we can remain quiet and isolated.
6. Our weight allows us to stay stuck in old limiting beliefs.
7. Our weight protects us from failing...from relapse.

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you? How does your weight keep you safe?
By putting your thoughts and feelings into words, awareness and understanding develop. Then we can make the best decision for ourselves.

If you would like to put your thoughts and feelings into words, and sort thru this issue, please call me at 207 846-9053.

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