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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nurturing Mother

In honor of Mother's Day, I felt it was important to write about becoming our own Nurturing Mother.  Most of us want someone else to be our nurturing mother.  Someone who knows us so well that she gives us just what we need at that "perfect" moment. We may need compassion...we may need unconditional acceptance...we may need love...we may need spiritual enlightment.

Whatever the need, the challenge is recognizing that it is really up to us-rather than someone else- to provide nurturance.  We need to give birth to ourselves and become our own Nurturing Mothers.  Not an easy task, when we may not have had a role model.

Therapy can help.  It is through therapy that we change our perspective.  In opening up to our vulnerability, we learn to believe in our worthiness.  We learn to accept and love ourselves enough to give ourselves the kindness, self-care and compassion we deserve.  And so from this, an authentic life can begin.

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