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As you may know, we live in a culture which promotes a love/hate relationship with food, with our bodies and ultimately with ourselves. Therefore, we are left feeling out of control with our eating and with our lives. Joyce Sarat White, licensed professional counselor and founder of Weighty Issues, helps clients explore information, challenge beliefs and encourages the reframing of one's relationship to food, to their bodies and to themselves. Click here for a more complete description of Weighty Issues.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summertime...and the Living is "NOT" Easy!

Summertime and the living is not easy for those of us with weight issues.  There is a
sense of worry and dread as the warm weather approaches.  Thoughts of skimpier clothes-shorts, swimsuits-lead to feeling uncomfortably exposed.

Summer months also mean weddings and ruminating about what to wear....how we will look.  Countless hours are spent searching for the perfect dress.

This too is a time of graduations, reunions, vacations, and holidays.  Food is central to each occasion.  Eating Triggers abound.  Challenges are endless.

How to turn the challenges into opportunities for growth and learning:
     *It may be to accept and love our body just as it is.
     *It may be to honor our inner beauty.
     *It may be to change our thinking.
     *It may be to increase awareness of Eating Triggers.
     *It may be to enjoyably move our body.
     *It may be to feel peace in nature.
     *It may be to learn new ways to cope with stress.

Reading books to enlighten ourselves can help.  I recommend When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies by Hirschmann and Munter and 200 Ways to Love the Body You Have by Hutchinson.

However, reading is not enough.  We need to put our thoughts and feelings into words so that we can really get to know, accept, respect, indulge, celebrate and tap the wisdom of our bodies.  If you are ready to deprogram society's messages and transform the perception of your body, please call me at 846-9053.  I am here to help you feel at home in your body.   Then Summertime can go from not easy to The Living is Easy!

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